Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

image Jeepers – it’s almost freezing outside. I mean it’s almost UP to the freezing point. Don’t worry though, it will be minus 5 again tonight. I won’t do anything silly like shutting the water down. This morning it is beginning to look a lot like I will wish I had started the snow blower yesterday. Maybe I should move my car down to the end of the drive. On the other hand, up here I get a running start down the hill. The weatherman is only calling for an inch of snow,  so maybe this storm will blow through. I’m supposed to meet a friend for lunch and I need to get out to Agway to get food and bedding for the bunny, some simple hardware, and to get recommendations on a good chimney person. If worse comes to worst, I could go into town then, so I can be at work later this afternoon. Why am I so nervous? For almost thirty years I regularly went back and forth to work in the middle of the night, on roads that drifted like crazy. This should be a piece of cake (with cold white icing).

By AFarmer

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