Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

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Florida Governor Rick Scott is now officially a killer, and Charlene Dill is one of his victims.

Charlene Dill was a hardworking Florida woman, who moved down to Florida when she was just 18 years old. To help make ends meet, Charlene worked at various fast food restaurants, at Disney World, and even cleaned houses and babysat. As the years went by, Charlene found herself, as a single mother, struggling to raise 3 children.

Last year, Charlene made just $11,000 cleaning houses and babysitting. She used that money to help put food on the table for her children, and to put a roof over their heads. Then Charlene discovered she had a severe heart problems that needed to be managed.And she couldn’t afford to get it treated right, because Charlene didn’t have health insurance.

Charlene fell into what’s called the “Red State Doughnut Hole,” created by Republican lawmakers like Rick Scott.

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