Sun. May 26th, 2024

Scribe’s companion was commenting on art at the special showing, “Look at the perspective! See the texture…”

YOS muttered, “Been better if the artist’s mother had dropped a toaster while it was toasting into the water on his first bath…”


“Isn’t that a myth?”

“No more than this creep being some ‘artist’ we should worship.”

“Oh, don’t be such a curmudgeon. Scribe! It’s all about the art, the pigments, the artist’s use of light, pigments…”

“Dead infants in their mothers arms because someone CLAIMED there were WMDs there?”

“Oh get in the spirit of it all Scribe! Those days are over! Now he’s just an artist…”

“An already rich artist because of his last name. But, OK, if ‘those days are over applies, maybe next we can go to the Jeffery Dahmer, the Jimmy Jones and the Goebbels exhibits. Hey, wasn’t his boss an artist too?”Chapman-hitler-art2

“Oh, come on Scribe, you can’t think he was Hitler reincarnated into this artist or anything like…”

“If he was ultimate proof you don’t get smarter with each reincarnation.”

“Oh, you’re SO wrong, Scribe! Look at the next one: the sensitivity. Obviously he felt sorry for that poor man about to be attacked by a dog. Why the ‘Dogs of War,’ I wonder if that’s what he called it. Such colors! Such sensitivity! Such…”

“…fond memories of waterboarding, locking the accused in trailers in mid day desert sun, forcing them to do sex acts with each other? Ah, torture porn. I just knee Dickus Biggus and he kept a private stash of that kind of porno. LOOK! That little bit of off white! Is that a stain from them…”


“Moving on, moving on. OK, now you HAVE TO see the sensitivity, the tears, the anguish in this one. Poor man. I’ll bet he was really hurt when Barney died.”

“Didn’t he die of lymphoma?”

“Why, yes, so you do see…”

“That it’s a painting of the corpse of a zombie dog who probably died because he was infected by the cancer of the previous administration? Yes, yes, ‘fine art’ in a very bad The Walking Dead way.”

“But you’re wrong. Look at the next. Guilt ridden? See the flower? What a nice touch!”

“War porn, torture porn.”

Scribe admits: usually he likes a more humor oriented approach. But there was nothing “funny” about Junior and his murderous band of sick war criminals. There’s a reason why another war criminal’s art takes a back seat to the horrific life he led. And if we had anything further to the left of a right wing news media these days that’s exactly what Junior’s legacy would be. But they’d rather go after “targeting” of right wing groups the last election: even though it’s been proven the IRS questioned groups from both the left and the right. They’d rather skip over all the un-investigated, unquestioned, embassies attacked, people killed, in previous administrations and focus on Benghazi. They’d rather focus on the “deeply flawed roll out of Obamacare” than the Republican governors who would rather people die than participate, or the court that allowed them NOT to expand medicaid.

The image, below, is of America being held hostage by a fanatical group once known as a major political party. And it’s going to get worse, not better, unless we raise hell about it, and stop trying to make murderous, homicidal, sneering bad boys appointed president into “artists” to be respected.


By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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