Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Is that new industry going to save your town? – Probably Not

“In economic development, truth is the first casualty.” You see, when the big boys come galloping in from either the U.S. or, as is just as likely these days, from far off lands, their sudden, disruptive and often polluting presence has to be sold to the proletariat as corporate saviors that are going to fill worker pockets with greenbacks. Of course, the movers and shakers need the numbers to back up those claims…..


…….media outlets need to take responsibility for their troubling parroting of Republican “facts” that are, in fact, pure propaganda. There also seems to be a journalistic epidemic of misinformation based on the lack of familiarity with the subject matter, little research by reporters and, in many cases, severe under-staffing.”


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By Ana Grarian

50+ hippy chick from NY - STATE - and yes, I'm sensitive about that.

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