Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

It is cold and wet and I am impatient at another half-day off wasted. For sure I have done the necessary household chores. I warmed myself with hot dishwater. The floors are swept, vacuumed and mopped; laundry has been done, but this is not what I wanted of my day.

Seed packets sit on the kitchen counter waiting for warm earth.

The wet grass waits for another hot day to encourage its upward journey.

The dog lies pensive on the rug. That brief walk to the mailbox only a tease of what might be.

The cat sits tail twitching on the windowsill watching a squirrel steal suet, as a mama cardinal flits back and forth impatient to feast herself.

Our rabbit rattles his cage angry to not be in his larger abode outside.

And I pace and putter. The book I am reading has caught my interest but I am not quite content to settle with it. I am tired of being chilly.

Soon the outdoor chores will be overwhelming as the grass and flowers come out in exuberance and the task of keeping up with weeds becomes impossible, but for now I chafe at this rest. Isn’t that how life seems to work? Twenty years ago I just wanted the clock to stop long enough to catch my breath. Just a day to sleep and read. Just enough time to get caught up.

The parade at the suet feeder is charming. Cowbird, Grackle, Cardinal, three different types of wood peckers, Chickadee, and the persistent squirrel. The chipmunk has been raiding the feeders off the back porch.

I am learning little by little about this place. An unexpected richness of woodpeckers, and a hope for Goldfinches. Will those squirrels beat me to the two varieties of pumpkins I planted yesterday? Will the plot by the house fare better than the plot near the road? Will my Rhododendrons recover from the hungry deer, and will they like my vegetables too much?

So much to learn. We are busy researching mosquito repellent plants to keep the backyard livable on summer evenings. How will the available sunlight change once these towering trees leaf out? Will I be able to keep chickens safe from whatever is leaving that black scat in my backyard?

I am excited and anxious and impatient – as always.

By AFarmer

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