Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

I wasted way too much time on Facebook today. I was reading news article which led me to research terms I wasn’t sure of which brought up other questions to be answered. Not exactly a waste I guess but it sure eats up time. It’s a cold wet day after a night of rain, so no gardening, and then this afternoon and evening is work, which leads to two more days of work and that is how the week goes by.

I’ve spent some time in the rocking chair on the porch drinking coffee, watching the chickens, and smelling the lilacs.

That isn’t exactly wasting time. While I stare at the lilacs I can decide just how to trim them and think about where I will transplant some of them. Staring at the lilacs naturally draws my attention to the overgrown patches of daffodils that also need moving. They will make a nice addition to the shade gardens I have been creating under the locust trees to eliminate the need to trim around all those trunks that grow too closely together for the mower. Porch sitting also puts me in direct view of the barn I need to repair, scrape, and paint. This weekend, the weatherman promises, will be sunny and warm like last weekend. Time for more weeding, planting mowing, and time to get started on these tasks I am laying out for myself.

So I guess I will get myself another cup of coffee and get back to my business meeting, planning my agenda for the next few days.

By AFarmer

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