Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Adolf Hitler, pictured charged fees for personal appearances and even received a royalty from his image being used on stamps

  • Nazi dictator ‘refused’ to pay tax on the millions he earned from image rights
  • Hitler’s will tried to cover up any trace of his secret assets 
  • The secret was discovered by a German Jew working for British Intelligence
  • New documentary estimates Hitler could be worth more than £3 billion
  • Relatives of Hitler could even receive cash from his hidden bank accounts

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler squirrelled away a massive fortune using cash he had ‘earned’ from his image rights and personal appearances as well as his refusal to pay £1.75 million in income tax.

The Fuhrer even levied a royalty on German stamps featuring his image, with the cash hidden in his secret bank accounts.

The mystery surrounds a secret will discovered by Herman Rothman, a German Jew who operated with British intelligence during the Second World War.

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