Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

up on blocksI spent the night trying to get comfortable enough to sleep after finishing the heavy, push, pull lift task of getting my shed up on blocks. Now to scavenge windows and doors and enough siding to flesh it out, and to decide on the flooring. I’d like to get rough sawn hardwood for the floor, but that will have to be purchased and may not be the prudent thing for my pocket book this year. I have the promise of plywood for the walls and a door for the front. I have, and can scavenge some more windows. So far I have $30 in lumber invested in this project. That’s likely to go up if I complete my dream of a sliding barn door for the back, unless I can find someone scrapping a track and working rollers. I thought perhaps an old shower door system might work, but they might not be long enough.

My work was cut short yesterday by a thunder storm that came through earlier than expected. and kept the rain going much of the night. It’s too wet to work out there today. Tonight I should start putting up produce from my garden. The squash are coming right along. I have plenty of tomatoes which will keep me busy once they begin to ripen. I suppose I should start picking baby cucumbers for pickles.

Speaking of ripe. I started out yesterday running errands. I had to drop a kid off at camp, so I went to the lumber yard and grocery store while I was out. I kept noticing an odd odor…….. I was wearing my yard/garden/barn work outfit, but it didn’t exactly smell like my body odor.

Then it dawned on me.

In order to cut off the wall supports, and to get the blocks and sill in place, I had been kneeling and sitting on the dirt floor of the shed. The dirt is dry, the barn hasn’t been used in more than a decade so I didn’t think anything of it.

Yes, but it still started as chicken and pig manure.

The combination of that dirt with my sweat, the humid air, and a healthy application of bug-off was wafting my agrarian parfume through the store. Fortunately I live in a farming area, but I am sure a few shoppers thought the limberger cheese was unwrapped….

By AFarmer

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