Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Apparently Ferguson cops: the focus of the current killing, protests/cop protestor conflicts, have a questionable history -OENAiybbmtafqozhc6l3duu

Amid ongoing racial tensions in Ferguson, Mo., the Daily Beast reported on a 2009 incident in which city police beat up a wrongfully arrested African-American man and then charged him for getting blood on their uniforms.

The incident occurred on Sept. 20, 2009. The police served an outstanding warrant to one Henry Davis, 52, according to the Beast — but they were actually looking for a different Henry Davis who had a different middle name and Social Security number. But after the police apparently ran Davis’s license plate number and saw his name, he was pulled over and arrested, the Daily Beast reported.

Davis was then taken to the police department and placed in a holding cell, according to the Beast, citing Davis’s testimony. When he complained about being placed with another person in a one-man cell and asked for a sleeping mat, police officers allegedly slammed his head against the wall, hit him and kicking him in the head, per the Beast. Davis was eventually taken to the emergency room.

He was charged with property damage, according to the Beast, with the charging documents stating that Davis “did transfer blood to the uniform.”

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