Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Early FallThe sting of fall has definitely arrived. After a week of gorgeous Indian Summer (“Does the term ‘Indian Summer’ really have anything to do with Indians?” click the link to find out), night temperatures are falling into the freezing range and my flowers are showing leaf burn. The yard is piled high with Maple leaves on a daily basis. Soon the gardens will be bare of all but their yellow orange mulch blankets. It feels good to have the fire in the evening, and we can no longer expect to leave windows and doors open to the breeze.

The chickens head to roost earlier, and so do I. A comfy quilt and a book are inviting  by 9 o’clock. Socks have come out of the drawer and the basket of mittens and scarves have joined jackets and coats in the hall closet. I find it interesting that the ducks stay out late. For some reason the Guinea rooster and his partner have taken to roosting on the back porch if we aren’t home to scoot them all in at dusk. Perhaps he is standing watch over the ducks who are reluctant to give up their pond.

There is a plethora of Black Walnuts waiting to be harvested on the side yard. I picked up 10 gallons of them this morning to dry in the woodshed for cracking when the snow flies. Montauk Daisies are still standing proud in the garden. Their leaves and flowers are frost resistant and are not considered tasty to rabbits and deer. Canna Lily, Dahlia and Gladiola bulbs have been dug and wait in the garage for next year. They are alongside a half crate of Tulips and Daffodils which still need planting. The Geranium and Begonia have come inside along with the Poinsettia and Spider Plants. Now that the wood-stove is operational, the large living room window is no longer a hospitable place, so at present my bedroom has a plant in every available space. I think plant hangers will be coming to the bathroom soon. The deer have already proven that my feeble attempt to fence off the Rhododendron is not going to deter them.

The firewood I stacked between trees to dry for next season fell over and rolled out into the yard. I don’t know if it is the rumbling from the road traffic, the effect of wind moving the trees, or if I am just awful at stacking wood. I’ve built the piles back up again so we’ll see. Today would have been a good day to get out there and cut up some more of the dead trees to use for firewood. Unfortunately an appointment looms over me and the need to be on time and clean hinders my ambition. Such is the dichotomy of what the world expects and what I want/need to get done.


By AFarmer

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