Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Jeb Bush. (photo: Getty Images)

he heart is the Jeb (!) and Jeb (!) is the heart.

That was the theme of Monday’s roll-out. Also, the corazon is the Jeb (!) and Jeb (!) is the corazon.

There was some serious bilingual humanizing going on in the extended run-up. We heard more about his efforts to curb domestic violence than we did about his work cutting taxes, and killing affirmative action, and the other more base-worthy moves from his days as governor. (Terri Schiavo’s, another victim of Jeb (!)’s great heart, was not mentioned.) He left the Jesus stuff to his son, George P., who is upholding the family tradition of avoiding the private sector by glomming onto an elected position in Texas. I kept waiting for a short word from the grateful heirs of Orlando Bosch, the Cuban terrorist whom Poppy Bush sprang from the hoosegow at Jebbie’s insistence.

According to the justice department in George Bush Sr’s administration, Bosch had participated in more than 30 terrorist acts. He was convicted of firing a rocket into a Polish ship which was on passage to Cuba. He was also implicated in the 1976 blowing-up of a Cubana plane flying to Havana from Venezuela in which all 73 civilians on board were killed. CIA memorandums strongly suggest, according to Bardach’s book, that Bosch was one of the conspirators, and quotes the then secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, as writing that the “US government had been planning to suggest Bosch’s deportation before Cubana airlines crash took place for his suspected involvement in other terrorist acts and violation of his parole.”

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