Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

TurkeyNov2015Thanksgiving is over. All the turkey and trimmings have been consumed. The good dishes and silver are washed and put away. The cake stand sits forlornly empty next to the sink, waiting to be washed. All the excitement for a relaxing four day weekend is gone, and so are the lovely 60+ degree days we’ve enjoyed all week.

The beagles and I went out into a still, frosty, moonlit 20 degree morning. The wood-stove stoked and the coffee pot was set to brew, promising a warm welcome back. A bright full moon lit the way through the woods and out into the meadow, where even the deer were still bedded down.

It is hunting season and the dogs and I get out early and late to avoid getting shot at. Though the fields and woods around me are posted, shell casings have been found in the copse of pine trees in the meadow. Prudence seems a good thing.

Normally we see the deer grazing at these times. They also are only out in the open in the dark. Their eyes reflect my headlamp, though this week I have had no use for it; the full moon being more than enough to see my way.

I have the luxury of sitting in on Mondays and Fridays. The wood-stove is pouring out heat as I watch the birds coming and going from their feeders. I’ve added several more this year plus an evergreen that is decorated for the holidays with birdseed encrusted ornaments and solar lights.

I should be getting outside this morning to haul down some more trees to be cut up for firewood. I risked the woods near the house yesterday to drag some downed saplings out to the wood’s edge. I must admit the quiet, warm living room holds more appeal right now. If only I had the whole day ahead of me, but work insists I show up at 1 P.M. Housework and a new book may win out over other chores.


By AFarmer

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