Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Interesting argument,however does not cover whether the title of what was voted for says all, or if the fact Bush was to go to the UN first to get agreement before going to war plays a part in those who voted-OEN

“She voted for the war!”
“She’s an unapologetic hawk!”
“She’s just another Dick Cheney when it comes to foreign policy!”

These are the charges I’ve heard over and over again for years…and as a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter who was against the Iraq War from the beginning, it never ceases to bug the hell out of me. My normal reply, which often starts with an audible sigh followed by “Well, actually…” usually does nothing to change these opinions.

But as tiring as it may be, I will keep defending her on this issue because the record and her statements over the past 13 years clearly undermine the misconception that Hillary was “for the war”. So brace yourselves, because here is again…the actual truth of the matter:

Hillary Clinton never voted to go to war in Iraq, nor did she support the Bush/Cheney decision to kick out the UN weapons inspectors and invade.

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