Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Donald Trump's "no concession" stand: He and his hate-filled followers will not accept a Clinton victory and that's when things get truly chilling

Already, Trump is suggesting that he might not concede the election to Clinton, due to what he’s been describing as a “rigged” system. Meanwhile, Trump’s get-out-the-vote strategy basically involves sending goon squads to polling places in order to make sure voters aren’t casting ballots ”five times.” This week, in particular, there’s been a bunker mentality surrounding the Trump campaign, as well as within the content of Trump’s increasingly maniacal addresses. His speeches now include fabricated warnings to his ignorant fans about the meddling of “international bankers” (read that: Jews), as well as Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who are collectively conspiring to steal the election from Trump and his people. It’s apocalyptic conspiracy theory territory, ripped from the Alex Jones playbook and rearranged into Trump’s brand of red-faced, shrieking orator.

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