Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

“Biting buns since at least 2001.”

We live in a society governed by laws.

-Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times

(Claiming we should do nothing about deficit spending intended to heal companies too big for their own (and OUR) damn good on the ropes, being used instead for giant bonuses: rewards, for those who destroyed their own companies.)

Scribe’s response…

No, we live in a society governed by how much money you have buys how much justice you get.

That kind of logic might have worked just a little better previous to the reign of King Junior, but if the unelected Smirkster has proven anything it’s that if treaties, laws, habeas corpus, common decency, laws against torture and murder can all be violated regardless of laws, then we are governed by the rich, the powerful, the influential first, laws last… if at all.

Any contract can be broken.

No contract is perfect.

Companies can give back what they gave or lose their right to do business.

There are many ways to address this.

Instead we’re just suppose to throw up our hands and let them get away with our money? Who runs these companies, Saint Junior who has never had to pay for any crimes… AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL?

Seems so. You know if it were; oh, the car companies, the supposed “Rule of Law” would be applied more harshly.

Who paid the money; should have a controlling interest in the companies?

If all that changes, maybe Scribe will consider this a nation “governed by laws.”

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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