Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

What both fascinates and appalls me about Donald Trump and his altogether dreadful presidency is less how awful the president is (that was to be expected) than how zealously his base embraces him — and that his hardcore base could extend to as much as one-third of the adult population.

Never would I have guessed that America housed so many wretched hypocrites and pathetic stinkers, those so-called “real Americans” who for years had advertised themselves as the embodiment of entrenched American values; a self-righteousness based mostly on what they had opposed — the nation’s crooked Hillarys, its unAmerican Obamas, essentially, in their minds, the Democratic Party’s mountebanks, panderers and poseurs of a kind of alien ideology. This was the stuff, on the right, that intense “negative partisanship” was made of. Real Americans objected to Democratic pols and their blue base because both had rejected real America and its really red values of honesty, uprightness, self-reliance and national unity.

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