Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

How is that spelled?




I semi/sort of pity the parents. The kids? Eh, most of them will probably have a good laugh, though I’ll bet a few parents actually think their kids will be scarred for life. I spend a lot of time torturing myself over typos and phrasing. Maybe if the experience of whomever who boo boo’d this one counts for anything, my obsession isn’t all that bad…

“An incorrect toll-free number on some boxes of Peace Cereal manufactured by Eugene-based Golden Temple sends callers to a phone sex line instead of the companys customer service department. Callers are greeted by a recorded female voice asking, ‘Do you love sex? Isnt that why you called?’


Hopefully no one thinks the company “Golden Temple” is in any way connected with “showers.” Now that would really make parents pull their hair out.

By Ken Carman

Retired entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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