Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Radio Rawanda
By W.B. Dunne

Does anyone still harbor the trampled ideal that the surge in violence and death were seeing in Main Street ISNT being fomented by Rush the hate-based bloviator and his Foxy minions?

Tell this ordinary everyday guy that hes too stupid to connect the brainwashed shooters to the daily dose of propaganda and hyperbole. Ill believe you! I dont want to have this view; it would be so easy to just close my eyes to the fact that there are folks in my society that will cut the hands off another with a machete because a little box tells them to.

Get this my merry fellows, I am disgustingly correct most of the time in my assessments of which way the wind blows. I have a natural knack of detecting the slightest insincere or hypocritical tinge in any philosophy. I have known since the very first time I heard that voice that I was listening to evil incarnate. I knew instinctively that this voice would be the guide for future, more hysterical rhetoric.

Now here we are twenty or so years from those first times I gagged at the idea that my fellow human beings were so dumbed down that they couldnt see the inevitable danger that would come when this voice and message was amplified many times over. A generation of kids have grown up in a violent, uncaring, unloving society all their lives. What can we say to them when they act out the frustration and dementia of the role models we have given them? We have glorified greed, stupidity, vapidity, and ignored our most precious gifts in a spectacularly suicidal fashion.

Now, before someone calls me more preacher than pauper, let me get back to the issue at hand. It is extremely dangerous to remain silent or polite when we are faced with the facts we see. You could be the next victim of the shooter who has been egged on by these well-established conduits of mayhem and chaos. Some dont even hide their goals, even calling their project chaos. Its coming again and the tools are being used effectively by those that awaken these sleeper cells that have been planted all through our lives by bad, evil people.

Do you hear me? I predict more deaths will happen in just this very same way. I am sorry if anyones feelings are offended. What are you going to say when one of these shooters shows up at your local liberal establishment in response to one of the dog whistles any one of a number of radio and TV hosts blow every hour of every day? These killings are a sweet way to undermine any trust that may develop between elements in our culture that point out the destructive nature of a certain partys discourse. Whos gonna notice a few political enemies silenced as well during these sensational killing sprees?

I am going to close on the positive note that we may merely be witnessing the last throes, if you will, of a great, dying beast. I know that when I see someone who is twenty, I am glad that they have the promise of a future ahead of them that I was denied. The bad guys won all the time when I was coming up, they almost destroyed the world. At least now that there seems to be a small hope that the epic failure of the right wing will segue into a more peaceful and prosperous eraand an end to all the hate speech.

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2009 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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Ken Carman
15 years ago

Very good, W.B. And welcome. We have Rush spoofs and commentary on the Toxic Hot Air that Blows King here all the time.

15 years ago

@ Ken Carman:
I thank you for your kind compliment,Ken. Make sure to read my follow up,”Pray for those left behind”. It involves the way Glenn Beck has decided to claim credit for the pittsburgh shootings by harping that he’s being blamed for the shootings by the bloggers at C&L.

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