Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

The people covering these recounts shouldn’t fall for the same tricks.


efore we get to Florida, as we inevitably must, because democracy, the two most important races currently in extra innings outside of the Dingbat State are taking place in Arizona and Georgia.

In Arizona, where the votes are still being counted, Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs has retaken the lead over Republican Steve Gaynor for secretary of state. The AP called this race for Gaynor on election night, but as the votes continued to roll in, Hobbs gradually ate up his 44,000-vote lead until, now, she leads him by a few hundred. Gaynor, it should be noted, is a voter-suppressing hardbar who thinks all ballots should be printed only in English. (This is in plain violation of what’s left of the Voting Rights Act.) (Moreover, he said it in front of a fringe right-wing “Patriot” gathering.)

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