Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

After three weeks of waiting, we thought every U.S. House race in the country was finally decided. No such luck. FiveThirtyEight has uncalled the North Carolina 9th District1 — an extremely close race that we thought the Republican had won — in light of allegations of voter fraud that, it turns out, may go back to 2016.

On Tuesday, the North Carolina State Board of Elections met with the expectation that it would certify Republican pastor Mark Harris’s apparent 905-vote win over Democratic veteran Dan McCready. But it did not, citing the board’s responsibility “to assure that an election is determined without taint of fraud or corruption and without irregularities that may have changed the result of an election.” Although the state Republican Party objected, all nine members of the board of elections voted to delay the certification. On Friday, there was no sign that the race would be certified anytime soon; the board of elections voted to hold an evidentiary hearing on or before Dec. 21.

MODESTO, CA – NOVEMBER 06: Mailed in ballots sit in US Postal Service bins inside the office of the Stanislaus County Clerk on November 6, 2018 in Modesto, California. Stanislaus County is in California’s 10th Congressional District which is host to a close race for US Congress between Democrat Josh Harder and Republican Jeff Denham. (Photo by Alex Edelman/Getty Images)


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