Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Glenn Beck blames CrooksandLiars and Kos for pointing out his role in the Pittsburgh shootings

by W.B. Dunne

Glenn Beck accepts credit for Pittsburgh cop killingsis how that should read.

Because that is exactly what hes doing. Furthermore, by blaming the bloggers he gives his minions a new, less publicly risky target, the bloggers themselves.

For years the right wing has bred these oppression fantasies with their fake culture wars, their war on this and their war on that. Granted that there were four policemen killed by mistake, Glenn never targeted them. In fact, Glenn would embrace a police force that toed his line. His personal fantasy is troops of black booted thugs trampling all the commie hippie liberals in the streets at his command.

Were in the middle of a dangerous game here people, Im no big city lawyer, no famous pundit with his own radio show, but I smell a rat. A big fat rat that counts as his own a cadre of loose cannons. If I were such a one, Id use my superpowers for good.

Perhaps, Id go to Crooks and Liars and Daily Kos and sign some of the petitions being circulated to the sponsors of Glenn Becks show. (God, please give Bartcop more visibility!)

Far be it for me to have hopes and dreams that dont include a civil war in my own country over some rabble-rouser on the TV. What gives when the voice of the electorate is drowned out by a series of whacko pundits on a failing media? When ratings are all that matter, this is what we get. These guys are pissed that they arent the heroes that there forbearers werethese guys dont get it that those that preceded them were able to acknowledge the fact that credibility had a great deal to do with their success. In short, Walter Cronkite wasnt a huge jerk.

Its time for Glenn to go, its time to get Bill some help, it is time for Rush to retire and step down.

Yours truly has posted exactly three articles on this site so far, one to introduce myself, another to address the hatespeakers in this environment, and this one to accept credit for seeing the obvious agenda of these hatespeakers. I know that that alone doesnt make me special, there are many that know this, but it is rare to have a suspicion confirmed in such a dramatic way the morning after having posted such a query. There are now a group of small fatherless kids with a lifetime of trauma ahead of them in Pittsburgh today. I dont see Glenn Beck mentioning them in his denial of responsibility for this and the upcoming tragedies. I dont see Glenn making the rounds with his donation bucket to show solidarity with the families of the policemen he helped kill.

This is where we are people, Im warning you to expect this whenever youre outside of your own house. The Fox news fundies, PNACers, Birchers, and their entire ilk are riding free. Only, instead of targeting certain folks, these cats see enemies everywhere including their mirrors. I am personally willing to take one for the cause if it shortens the time well all have to live under these threats.

Since we cant hold ghosts responsible, why dont we boycott the sponsors of the shows that promote the murder of innocent people in tribute to their ideology? I count over thirty this month alone. What is this Bagdad? I say yes, it isand we deserve it for allowing such an aberration to exist and flourish in our society.

Cmon yall, we can fight them.

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2009 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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