Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

“This is going to be a precedent that we set when we don’t hold this president accountable to the rule of the law and to the United States Constitution,” congresswoman tells Chuck Todd


n Sunday morning, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd started his conversation with Representative Rashida Tlaib saying that she is “easily, one of louder voices when it comes to impeachment” of President Trump. During the interview, the freshman congresswoman from Michigan proved that assessment accurate.

Todd asked the congresswoman if she believed the Democratic leadership in the House are being methodical or stalling for time so they can remove the issue of impeachment off the table and then use the ‘We’re too close to the presidential election’ excuse to move forward.

Tlaib aggressively called out the status quo, “Well, I can tell you as one of the newest members of Congress, the traditional Congressional oversight process isn’t working,” she answered.


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