Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Written by Michael Moore

onald Trump is the most criminally corrupt and dangerous President we’ve ever had. The majority of voters despise him and voted the Democrats in last November to hold him accountable. Yet the Dem leaders have done everything they can to NOT hold him accountable and to NOT impeach him.

For the past 2 years, Dem leaders have been promising us… Mueller Time! Mueller’s coming! Mueller’s gonna take him down! I warned people not to get their hopes up— Mueller was FBI, a Republican, a team player. Old School DC. Though hIs report offered damning evidence, he was committed to playing the game, not being a hero.

Do you know here has NEVER been a Democrat as the official FBI Director? All eight FBI directors, starting w/ Hoover in 1924, and including Mueller & Comey, have been Republicans. Republican presidents appoint Repubs to run the FBI. Democratic presidents appoint Repubs to run the FBI. For nearly 100 years!

Finally — Donald Trump’s lawyer was… RUDY GIULIANI! Mueller was outmaneuvered by RUDY GIULIANI?! Bill Clinton had to testify before a grand jury, under oath, on camera, for hours, and tell every nasty detail about his sex life. Yet Trump – the biggest criminal to ever step foot in the White House–and the legal genius RUDY GIULIANI outguns Mueller and prevents Trump from testifying! Mueller testified yesterday he never even issued a subpoena! Oh-and STILL NO TAX RETURNS! The question everyone keeps asking: How does Trump get away with everything? Yes—HOW?


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