Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Jeffrey Epstein had a collection of eyeballs on his wall. They were originally “made for injured soldiers,” we’re told, which presumably means they were artificial. Each was individually framed and mounted in his entranceway. We’re not told whether any soldiers had the chance to use them first.

The eyeballs make sense, because Epstein was a watcher. He watched the young girls whose lives he shattered. His depravity was of a deeply visual nature. His young victims tended to be thin, athletic, and blonde, white in skin and easily imagined in white tennis outfits. That fits with to our dominant culture’s visual vocabulary of innocence and purity, a vision Epstein methodically defiled, over and over. For no reason, except that’s how he got off.

Epstein’s sexual practices have been described in detail elsewhere, and so won’t be here. But it’s safe to say that he put himself in a passive role. He was more observer than participant, at least at first, forcing the girls to perform for him – in more ways than one – the ritual enactment of their own degradation.

Epstein was a watcher, but he wasn’t the only one.

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