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Is the Elevation of Alex Jones to Fox News Further Proof of an Inside Job on 9/11?

by W.B. Dunne

Just when I thought that I had it all figured out, onto the stage at Fox comes the all time greatest 9/11 conspiracy theorist everAlex Jones!

Heres the tie in: These media mavens that have painted themselves into a corner by inciting violence before a horrified public (thats been eating the lead that has been flying), now that they have the attention of the masses, have decided to roll out the marginal Alex Jones so that when this issue is discredited, so will he be. Along with him will go the truth he tells about the 9/11 story.

The whole thing makes perfect sense. If the public ever found out that there is no boogeyman in a cave, just a group of well-heeled traitors in our own country, it would certainly mean revolution and the destruction of the men who have perpetrated this nightmare. Alexs appearance on the Fox reveals the planning and conspiracy that has gone on in the long term in the cabaltake the truth, make it appear on the margins and let it ferment there, lift up the operative at a moment in time into the spotlight while an issue is hot. Only, the operative is on the wrong side of the issuevoila, he is gone and whatever truth he had goes discredited with him.

I smell more rats. I am horrified that there are opportunists of this stripe operating with impunity in our streets. Where in the hell are the prosecutors against such obvious treason and obstruction? Why are these questions marginalized so much that I am the one asking them? A tin foil tri-corner hat and a fife to march to, thats all thats left to me.

Heres my take: by attaching this man at this time to this issue is tantamount to telling the public that any attempt to hold these traitors accountable will be answered with a continuous stream of random death and mayhem. Our peace is being held for ransom by the tools of the neocon cabalthe price of that ransom is the trillions looted from our treasury and the immunity of those responsible for it. The goons that will carry out the enforcement are awaiting their orders at their radios and television sets.

This is the legacy of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and both of the Bushes. Only the spirit of the revolution embodied by the founders can save us from the manipulations being heaped upon us. God help these traitors when the gun-toting mob theyve enabled realizes what a trick has been played upon them. What will they think when the guns are suddenly turned on them? Theyll demand our protection, no doubt.

I for one will not lift a finger to prevent justice from arriving at its ultimate end.

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2009 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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Ken Carman
15 years ago

We’ve been discussing this over at Volconvo. If we ever get that debate room running here I’m sure the issue will come up. You can see my opinions amongst the comments. The irony is that despite how mild my take is on it from the start I was attacked as if I believed Dick Cheney did it with a candlestick in the bathroom. I find some “it has to be the official story” promoters as nuts as the less believable theories.

I’m about to post a link to it with “The Great Debate.”

15 years ago

[…] I forgot. The main reason I posted that last one was because of another on site article: HERE. I’m trying to figure out what the author’s opinion actually is. Sarcasm? Actual conspiracy? What do […]

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