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Written by Sennebec

She was the epitome of the completely self-assured young adult, always planning her next trip. A slender fourteenish red head with abundant freckles that managed to hold their own no matter how tanned her nearly flawless face was. She strode purposefully through the busy entrance, dodging families, chatting friends and a very tall man slumped in a chair, feet extended as he browsed CNN on his wireless laptop.

I lost sight of her for a moment as the line grew in front of me, people holding their cards as they waited for their turn. When a lull finally came, I bent over to retrieve a pen from the rug. As I straightened up, there she was, backpack full, hazel eyes dancing with that mix of merriment and pseudo-sophistication unique to young people who can see into their future and savor the possibilities. She handed me her card and waited while I validated it.

Whither thou this time Mirium?

I have a great trip planned, off to the jungles of South America, then on to the Australian Outback, a quick stop in San Francisco at the time of the earthquake and then Im finishing off with a stop in a place you probably never heard of, the Glory Isles.

Glory Isles, eh, great place. Ive been there three times myself. Take care you dont turn into a bird.

She laughed and set her items down to be scanned before removing the backpack so she could return the stuff she used to create her last trip.

I opened City of the Beasts and scanned the barcode, then scanned the DVD Walkabout, a recent addition Into the Firestorm by Deborah Hopkinson and finally Gilfeather by Glenda Larke. Amazingly good choices for a fourteen year old adventurer, I thought as I stamped the due date in her checkouts.

She had an anticipatory smile as she tucked them into her backpack, took her card and winked at me as she swung away from the circulation desk and headed off on her weekend of adventure.
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