Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

That there is actually no such group as antifa isn’t a handicap for Barr, Donald Trump, and others who have made it the nation’s number one boogeyman. After all, there’s also no boogeyman. Going after a group with no members, no spokesperson, and especially no legal representatives is double-plus good. With a cherry on top. Because if there’s anything these guys like, it’s punching someone who can’t punch back—and imaginary groups can be blamed for anything.

That’s why it’s not just Trump, and Barr, and Wray who love to go after antifa. It’s Tom Cotton. It’s Lindsay Graham. It’s every Fox news and far-right radio host ever. They can kick antifa all day and never have to worry that the president of antifa, or spokesperson for antifa, or especially lawyers for antifa will ever show up to contradict even the most outrageous claim.

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