Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

If American citizens needed a variation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics for Capitalism, we’d call ourselves the Union of American Capitalistic Republics, and Putin would be saying about any Russian concerns about Covid-19, “I would leave it to the Republics.” Come to think of it, maybe that’s where Trump’s idea came from.

But this blog is a totally fictional fairy tale modeled on the children’s story, “The little engine named Trump who earlier could because he’d been reworked and reassembled in a presidential spare parts lab that replaced most of the original Trump defective parts but not all of them, and although the new and improved engine really was better it still wouldn’t work hard at being the president but at least foreswore evil for a living but today he’s back to being thoroughly evil and with all his other incapacitating qualities.” A totally useless man and president!

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