Mon. May 20th, 2024

Written by David Cattanach

… and inappropriately help elect unfit presidents!

A recent blog explained clearly a problem that’s bedeviled honest politicians, columnists, bloggers, and citizens since the republican party first went to hell in a hand basket either by other republican actors during the two Eisenhower terms when Ike was the only decent republican president since Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and, neither them or Ike had any resemblance to today’s dumb-shit beady-eyed, mono-browed, low-foreheaded republican bastards. The elder Bush had some decent human instincts that were his good Dr. Henry Jekyll personal side along with his Willy Horton/evil Edward Horton political side of his mismatched self, which was politically about as bad as all the rest. Ronald Reagan either through his acting ability, or because he personally was what he seemed, beguiled many who were really opposed to his politics that were basically as bad as republicans who served before and after him. By the time we reached the 300-pound orange miscarriage, not only of justice, but just the regular kind of afterbirth, we’d been through Nixon, Nixon, drinking Bush, and once more into the middle-eastern bush with drinking bush. And now we “misinherited” this orange faced and toupee wearing Jabba the Blob with whom one term has seemed forever and been more than enough for the majority of Americans now governed by the minority of the rich with a good portion of the white poor added.

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