Sun. May 19th, 2024

Though I wound up voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016, I had supported Bernie Sanders throughout the primaries. I voted for Senator Sanders again in the 2020 primaries, then wound up voting, without holding my nose, for Biden/Harris. But I never forgot or quite forgave the so-called “progressives” who expended their primary energies knocking Hillary Clinton with a degree of vehemence equal to the constant barrage of hate and derision that was coming from the Trump propaganda industry, from Fox and Breitbart and Info Wars and dozens of more subterranean outlets for bigotry, conspiracy theories, fear, and division. I recall no end of social media comment that heaped all manner of calumny on a woman who took additional barrages of bullshit from people on the left when she referred to many of those who supported Trump as “a basket of deplorables.” Those “progressive” scribblers (some of who were Russian bots) also ladled on lots of their own hate, a mirror image of the right wing hatred. Where the right found her insufficiently militant and even anti-military, some on the left bashed her for being a “war monger,” a militarist, indistinguishable from Republicans in any discernible way. They found it shocking and reprehensible that she took big checks from corporate entities that invited her to speak, and for this and other reasons they vowed never to support her no matter what.

Those matters they shrugged off included Trump’s obvious racism, misogyny, and general fascistic flakiness, all of which were on plain display, not only during the election year of 2016, but throughout his entire public life as a crook, a dissembler, a bigot, and something of a pig.

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