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As I Look into the Future

By W.B. Dunne

“Even the lay people knew by then it was Al-Qaeda.”
From the pages of Hullabaloo.

The News Pauper gets his news the way most of you do, from journalists and news outlets that are supposed to be bound to the concept of a free press to inform an interested, active populace. These agencies exist to tell us the truth, and we repay them with the funds they need to conduct fair research. That is why there are so many bankrupt news agencies out there — they didnt do their jobs. There were plenty of stenographers eagerly trolling for access by dutifully dictating the totalitarian Bushies every false word. Dividing the people into two groups, believers and non-believers, was always the plan.

The day the towers went down in flames I was of the opinion that the event was either the biggest failure of intelligence this country had ever had, or we were witnessing a coup. The more time from that event that passes, the more that I am of the opinion that the facts point to the latter premisethe behavior of the Bush administration leaves me no choice but to suspect the worst.

Personally, I try to gather news from a variety of sources so I can coordinate a view that has some hope of withstanding the second-guessing and propagandizing. What other choice do I have than to hold the belief that those that held power during the worst catastrophe in our history as a nation were our deadliest enemies? Look what has been done to citizens like Jose Padilla, let alone the poor saps caught up in the Afghan bounty program. The more I learn about what has happened in our legal system in the past eight years, the more obvious it becomes that it was being purposely undermined. For what reason? In my view, some student of totalitarianism, within the Bush system, pushed the envelope into the realm of rendition and torture because he mistakenly thought the time was ripe.

The legal system had to be hobbled in order to provide the cover we see being used by the principals in this matter today. By smearing the lines in the bought and paid for media, by lying and bringing every outlet into disrepute, the groundwork was set even to the extent that the perpetrators themselves are doing the talking in the media themselves. Who is left in this country that believes a word that comes out of Karl Roves mouth? In fact, is there one person in the world than can deny that every word that Dick Cheney says is the direct opposite of what is actually true?

Which reminds methe news is really focusing in the new Mexican flu. Could this be the attack we should have anticipated once the heat started collecting under the feet of our torture bosses? Ill say it again for the thousandth time, the blackmail, the terror, the division, are all hallmarks of totalitarian philosophy. Chaos as insurance policy fits right into the game plan. Bio-terror is still terror, and this particular threat plays nicely into the immigration racists meme too. All the ire about DHS head Janet Napolitano is targeted at these same fringe groups. How convenient for those in the hot seat, that a surge of violence in Iraq, a surge of shooters here at home, and a biological scare coming out of Mexico, all in the same space of time that the torture memos start trickling out!

The lay people were also the ones that connected Saddam Hussein to Al-Qaeda. My view remains that the biggest threat we as a country face are the lies that continue to be told about what has been happening for the last eight years. I think there is a group of domestic terrorists more dangerous than anything we face from afar. I think that the sooner we quarantine the sources from which this disease emanates, namely the traitors from the last administration that muddied the legal language and allowed fascists to destroy decency, the more hope we have of healing these gaping hemorrhages in the fabric of our culture.

Israel sent out agents for decades to pursue the criminals of the Nazi era, our leaders in the last administration are as guilty as they were. We need the same apparatus to pursue our demons. We need our criminals to face the same fate as the death-camp guards and the policy makers of the Nazis. Trials, judgments, and sentences fitting the particulars of each case in fair trials. Transparent justice for this centurys Nazis, the Neocons. Anything less is just asking for trouble.

Each time a new case points towards Cheney, as responsibility creeps up on the whole Bush cabal, we are sure to see chaos follow hastily. When they are stopped, the terror will stop. Its difficult to be optimistic when Dick asks if a nuke in Chicago will make his point

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