Sun. May 26th, 2024

Written by Richard Romine

The incredible dichotomy of racism in America has been that it comes at the cost of suspension of thought, to be replaced by empty hate and Con (Rich Conservative Authoritarians) message. That you have to believe it all, no matter how stupid or nuts, to stay within the pack of fools. That your heroes have to be people like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, and Matt Gaetz’s as they spread their lies like your morning butter, on your toast. The smug assholes like Donald Trump, you must see as god-like in stature. All in all, they are the problem, not the heroes of anything. But they promote their inner racist and that is the flame that burns all real thought into a hot mess of rhetoric and a flame thrower of hate and hidden message that sooths the racist soul.
If they have to sell their soul to be a racist, then what part left is really you? You become the message, the lie and just like what they are doing to the nation, they do it to you too. What part of racism is smart? I can’t see any of it. Throw in your neighbors and your scary new friends with guns and knives, you then you become afraid of your friends, fellow racists and well-armed fools. Just waiting to pull the trigger, maybe that next time you get a little drunk and maybe tell the truth, it could be you. So just like the slavery you work so hard to redeem, to protect and to spread its hate, you too become a slave. A slave to lies and the insanity of their idiocy. You become a slave to Donald Trump, who uses his money slaves like you do toilet paper. And you must agree to whatever they say, kind of like slavery, that you push. Face it, they own you!

Now you have to be stupid to be a racist. After all, if you have even one thought of your own, you’re just not “LOYAL” enough! You’re not committed enough and you are very quickly in the literal crosshairs of people that already scare you. Again, face it they own you lock, stock and barrel. You eat their shit like it is ice cream, or you could be road kill. You scream for your freedoms, but within the racists, there really are none. There is only hate and lies. If you even look outside of the blinders, they demand you wear, that you must kill your last logical brain cell to “One of Them”. Then what are you? You are their “Bitch” that’s who you are, and those freedoms you demand aren’t real either. To join the Cons, you sadly have to begin with a frontal lobotomy, curtesy of Fox News and then have to turn off what’s left of your critical thinking. Welcome to Fox News, racism and insanity central. All focused on destroying democracy.
RC Romine


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