Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Triangle of evil courtesy

Written by RC Romine

My Dad was an NRA member when I was a kid. That was before the big insurrection lie and the rest of the bullshit but I read the magazine all the time. It was a high point in the cold and dreary West Virginia winter months. I was always much more inclined to fishing but I liked guns too and found them precise, well-engineered and interesting. Kind of like a car that goes boom. The magazine was full of Mauser bolt actions and old military guns and I would always read it from cover to cover. That was before it was taken over and turned into the mass massacre and insurrection enabling machine it is now. The takeover of the NRA was enabled by another trust fund, ideological sort of Nazi, the heir to the Coors Beer fortune. It all began with the Heritage Foundation and the Council for National Policy and of course the takeover of the existing NRA.
The triangle of evil of the NRA, the Council for National Policy and The Heritage Foundation has been the ideological driver of our nation’s descent into hell, the rich ideologues eating our democracy and the very soul of our nation. They built structures and organizations to enable the idiots and racists to overwhelm the rest of us, while they took everything away from us, screaming to the roof tops about THEIR freedoms! You can see the genesis of their spring of voter suppression in their 2nd Amendment lies. First they defend something that is not going to happen, take away their hunting guns, create the need for weapons of mass causalities and the defense of those, then turn it all into an insurrection machine to intimidate us and cause the chaos they desire. Like the voter suppression spring we are now going through, it all began with a huge lie. Infiltration and assumption of the process, in this case State Legislatures and enabling the biggest fools. Then it is all leveraged into power and legislation to drive their ideology of authoritarianism.

This is their pattern, it has been from the beginning. From before Nixon to Trump, there is a direct line of the same tactics. Infiltration, legislation and then chaos to enable the fools with guns or the ability to write laws. It is the same tactics used by the Redeemers that instituted segregation, the KKK that made it cool to wear sheets and kill anyone they don’t like. That the institutions will protect them and that the media will sooth it all over and it will then just go away. Money greases the wheels, power enables the ideologues to work, hatred and racism, radical religion and their mainstreaming gave them the platform they always dreamed of. The very platform they have used to defeat truth, logic, ethics and honesty of intent. To replace them with religion, the truth from the barrel of a gun and a two tiered legal system.
Democracy is tough, when one group can change the rules to suit them. When political picks in the judiciary can be used to destroy the system from within. To make the Founders checks and balance, just a rubber stamp to authoritarianism. We can see it all unfolding in front of us, this is the time to finally say “NO” while we still can. You can see the world they want in Russia, in any one of many authoritarian semi-democracies firmly in the hands of the oligarchs and tyrants. Hove no doubt, they lie about everything in the service of the “Big Lie” the foundational myth of their version of their authoritarian heaven! The Foundations!

Written by RC Romine


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