Sun. May 26th, 2024

By Thom Hartmann

Certain types of behavior can be contagious. Seriously; adolescent suicide is probably the most well-known example of this. It’s like they reach into us and draw out of us that part which may have a slight tendency toward that particular behavior and then, by drawing it out, fill us with it.

A great example of this is bullying. We’ve watched this happen right in front of the entire nation over the previous four years.

Trump has no compassion or empathy whatsoever for anybody except himself, and ruthlessly bullied anybody he thought was in his way or was even moderately critical of him.

Most recently we’ve seen him bully George P Bush into kissing Trump’s feet. He’s cowed virtually the entire Republican party, and the few Republicans would dared speak up against him will find themselves facing Trump-like bullies in their next primaries.

Trump, like all bullies, delights in this.


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