Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

I don’t own a TV so what shows I see are those available through free on-line sites like I have been intrigued by a program called Dollhouse. The premise is that there are a group of people “dolls” who have their memories erased. When they are off duty they relax in a spa setting with people who speak quietly and enjoy sauna’s and swimming. When they are engaged in an assignment, their brain is programmed with the minds of people who are experts in the field. In this way the very wealthy can hire the best secret agent, ransom negotiator or sex toy that can be.The tension comes through an disgraced FBI agent who is intent on proving the existence of the Dollhouse, and through the problems that result when the programming doesn’t go exactly as planned.

I like the interaction between the lead players. The director is suitably hard nosed but with a hint of underlying humanity though perhaps tainted by sadism. Echo the most visible doll is played well by Eliza Dushku and her relationship with her “handler” played by Harry Lennix is sweet without being sticky. Topher , the computer geek, played by Franz Kranz is way to freaked out to be accepted in the crucial position he holds but I can deal with that.

For a while it seemed they were going to take the plot down the wrong road with too much emphasis on sex. Oh here’s Echo as a pole dancer, and this week she’s a prostitute etc. It seems like this has been ironed out and the plots seem to continue in a more thought provoking way. I especially liked episode 10. Echo is imprinted with the memories of the director’s murdered friend and goes back to her own funeral. Good imagination of things you might want or not want to learn about how your family percieved you.

All in all an interesting thought experiment with pretty girls and handsome men, action and adventure, and, PLOT and DIALOGUE! Not what we’re used to getting from tv. Oh and the characters are good looking in different ways – not just boobs in low cut shirts, including a love interest who by Hollywood standards is plus sized, an oddly rugged hansome lead and Mr. Lennix who’s appeal is communicated by a face that expresses volumes without words.

By AFarmer

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