Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

You’re scared. A million Americans could be dead by Christmas. You might be one of them. One of them might be your child. Your mother believed you when you said the vaccine was dangerous. It turned out you were the dangerous one because now she’s dead. Your grief made you dig in deeper. You still swore you’d not get vaccinated. It is humiliating to be wrong, even harder to admit it. You’ve lived your life as a good son, a great dad, a decent soul. You meant no harm — and yet, in your wake, there is a path of such misery, sickness, loss.

I love you. I won’t give up on you. I believe you meant well. But now you have to stop, surrender to the good that is still inside you. It’s not too late. Let me help. I have heard you. I have listened to your arguments. I ask now that you listen to my answers. Listen! You know me — I never do what I’m told. I know how much those in power lie to us. And I’ve lived my life rebelling against those lies.


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