Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Where, Oh Where, Does The News Pauper Begin?

By W.B. Dunne

Unlike the bludgeoned public and the press that feeds them, Ill begin where we left off. After the swine flu, the Specter switch, and a fifty-to-one long shot winning the Kentucky derbyafter the flurry of obfuscating interviewsthere remains the little torture story that wont go away. Condi Rice was especially amateurish, and appeared to have been crying! There has been a lot said about outrage fatigue and only a fool would think that at least some of this dynamic isnt manufactured.

There seems to be a split forming in the reporting of the news to some degree. As President Obama passed his hundredth day in office, virtually unscathed by the increasingly strident and hysterical tantrums of the two-year-olds that have ruined us, one was left with the impression that some of the tools that were used by the previous administration have realized that he isnt going away. The image of the Republicans gathered around Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney at the Italian restaurant this past weekend, representing how far the GOP has fallen, was an interesting tell of the things to come. Our press took a hell of a lot of heat: No amount of bribery, blackmail and bullying would fully explain the lengths to which a few went, but no doubt Cheney and the NSA henchmen put fear into anyone trying to survive the past eight years.

The point is, all the trouble and strife can be followed back to a select few people in politics and the pressadd a few more in the finance, military, religion sectorsand we magically find the very same parties that would set us against each other in the streets to save themselves from the fate they know is coming. The principle problem being, with the access that they have to the media, they can appear to retain some credibility. We need to face that we have had a gang of criminals for leaders for a long time, and get to work removing the stain on our collective character.

Imagine poor Condi, poor Dick, poor Georgeoh, and Karl! The great Project for a New American Century lies in ashes, in a dreary Virginia Italian spot. Its like the Wizard of Oz, but what is revealed is the secret, cringing sadism. What is revealed are the spineless cowards that ordered US, our soldiers, to commit war crimes to justify an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation.

For the News Pauper, torture is gonna be considerably hard to shove down the ol memory hole. I bet there are a lot of pissed off people that are going to blow some really loud whistles once it becomes clearer to the less clairvoyant among us that there are no attack dogs remaining.

I adore the way Obama stays cool, even to the point of appearing to embrace certain of the policies of the Bush mis-presidency in order to have them called into question by the same parties that hope to benefit from their illegality. It is going to be a fun eight years. Barack Obama cannot be hustled. The Neocons will be gawked at in pens, not unlike Rudolph Hesswhich is better than they deserve.

As more detail comes in about the reality that Ronald Reagans party was highjacked, that the neocons wrapped themselves in his mantle, and plundered a generation of trust for MONEYprepare yourself for the lashing out and misdirected rage unless we can keep people focused on the responsible parties. These were the smartest guys in the room, remember? We the people were cowering in fear, while we were being robbed! We are being laughed at! Well fall for the end game, which is, a version on a large scale of three-card monty. Only, theres no walking away from the game.

Unless we act, were all guilty.

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