Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Let's Compare the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial to That of the Men Accused of Murdering Ahmaud Arbery

Two trials are underway in two different courtrooms in two different parts of the country. Both of them involved people who killed other people. One defendant killed two people. Three defendants killed one person. In neither case are these basic facts in dispute. The question before the courts is whether they murdered people. On Wednesday, there were ominous portents from both courthouses.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, at the trial of tourist vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse, the judge seems to be auditioning for an Arrested Development reboot. In Brunswick, Georgia, jury selection in the trial of the three men accused of murdering Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery took a severe turn into 1957. In neither case are these developments auspicious with regard to justice for the dead people.


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