Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

As The Worm Turns

By W.B. Dunne

A few observations that occurred to the News Pauper while watching the correspondents dinner:

I feel a wave of pity for what remains of the illustrious GOP. Force-fed the neocon philosophy for all these terrible years, the abandoned army has forgotten how to march without a leader. In a palpable irony, their figurehead sulks in his Dallas mansion, while the power behind the face of the party is suddenly as accessible as he was inaccessible during his tenure. It is truly terrible to see Dick Cheney on a very good day, nowhere will you find a man so unworthy of trust or friendship. He has escaped with his skin and sails away from his dastardly acts shrieking in delight. He is a tyrant and a torturing killer, and he is relishing in the sight of his destroyed forces and the people that stopped him in hot pursuit. This devil deserves no sympathy; he is exactly like Hitler in the respect that he expects to take his people down with himto the last man.

Here is a prediction: The Political Party that replaces the now extinct Republican Party will make the Republicans appear even more ridiculous, in retrospect, than they appear now.

The more I read and learn about how my low expectations were confirmed by this cabal, the harder it gets for me to watch its aftermath. I am without doubt now that all the CYA legal memos were a tell of the lack of confidence the conmen had in their outcome of their enterprise. I dont think I have heard of a more clear case of malfeasance and incompetence in a group of leaders in all of history, I mean, youd have to go back to the Byzantines to find such traitors and fools. Once upon a time, when the press was cowed by the threats of these unelected, usurping bullies, one could never imagine Rush being shredded by the Sis called Wanda. My God, it was bliss itself to watch with my own eyes Barack Obama straining his eyes to locate the ever-tinier Fox table, adrift, and far away, and everyone LAUGHING at the spectacle.

Rather than surfing to glory on a wave of fear and threats, the neocons crashed on the rocky shores of reality. The last guy in the world I wanna be right now is John Boehner. I was at a speech he gave in the year before the 2006 election. His select audience of rich guys were treated to the most remarkable speech I have ever heard. Not one note of inspiring rhetoric, just a barrage of threats and terror scenarioswhere the Democrats win and they all go to jail. So dig deep,” he stated. It was the equivalent of a Mafia don laying down the law to his inferiors. The environment inside the criminal enterprise of the neocons was the undoing of them, their only hope of not getting caught was to remain in power. Their complete arrogance, in thinking that free men would brook such corruption!

John Boehner positioned himself to inherit the realm as enforcer in the fundraising arm of the party. I predict that he will move into obscuritywith his party.

This show ain’t over by a long shot

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2009 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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