Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Donald Trump Jr. stands behind a podium with a "Trump Pence" sign on it. He gestures with both hands, touching his pointer fingers and thumbs together. Several U.S. flags stand on poles behind him.

While this article is dated nothing has changed, only gotten worse. What else were we to expect. So many Republicans not only accuse others of what they themselves are doing, but what they have learned from Trump, and arguably Putin, is for every accusation that can rightfully be tossed at them they will rapid fire make up 10 or mre lies, prop up strawmen, or/and what about-isms.OEN


Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has been a fixation of Donald Trump and his allies for more than a year now. Unconcerned with governing ably so as to win voter support on his merits, the president is instead convinced that smearing Biden via his son is the key to his reelection. He’s so convinced of this that he attempted to bribe a foreign leader to do it for him, which led to his impeachment. Now, with the president down in the polls in most swing states and less than two weeks to go before Election Day, Trump’s backers are throwing their entire pot of spaghetti at Hunter and his father, in hopes that one or more of their lines of attack might stick.

In the first presidential debate, for example, Trump mocked Hunter for his substance use disorder. The next day, Donald Trump Jr. called him a “crackhead.” Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon have been promoting the contents of a hard drive they say belonged to Hunter, full of endearing text messages from Joe Biden and emails they claim show underhanded dealing during Biden’s vice presidency. Right-wing news sites, social media accounts, and Giuliani himself have been spreading allegations that the hard drive also contains images documenting Hunter’s supposed history of child abuse, which there is no evidence to support.

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