Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

A day in January. Barack O’Bama is sworn in as President. Everyone is clapping as a sunbeam slips through the heavens and shines on the newly elected one. Even Hillary, muttering in the crowd to herself kind of like Margot Kidder after Superman went a little bezerkers, appreciates the moment… for a moment. The birds are singing sweet songs, wolves have decided to lay off the bunnies and it’s obvious God… who is Black… hath blessed the occasion. Flowers bloom three times as big. The economy soars. The debt magically disappears. As the troops come home even Bin Laden declares America is a sacred place for the first time.

Nirvana has arrived!

Come on, gentle reader. Doesn’t matter who gets “the prize,” they’re in for some deep dodo and we’re all in one hell of a mess. Barack, Hillary, John or even Merlin aren’t going to save us.

Perhaps we’ll be better off with a great rhetorician who inspires.

Perhaps we’d be better off with the very experienced member of a political family.

We sure as hell won’t be better off with Junior ass kissin McCain. HEY JOHN! Was that an illegitimate black baby in your house? Guess it must have been: your sure cuddlin close with the master of that lie.

But no matter who gets in, we’re ignoring the elephant up our ass. You know who stuck it there: the same guy who: for now, is McCain’s bestest buddy. He’ll be (HOPEFULLY) sneaking away in January with the “get out of impeachment free” card that the very people running right now seemed to have no problem with over all these years.

Sorry for the bad news.

Now, what about the elephant?

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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The All-Mighty Webmaster
16 years ago

But then, you look at Hillary and the votes she’s made. She is dangerously close to the Bush Family Values (that is, money, power, and to hell with the “common folk”)

I am NOT willing to continue the dynasty thing for four more years. I don’t care who the fuck it is. We cannot afford to have more of the same any more.

Yes, Bill was a likeable fellow, but the reality is, he was just as Republican as the rest of them. He was just the spoonful of sugar that helped the medicine go down.

NAFTA, WTO, GATT, Telecommunications Act of 1996 — all disasters that are biting us on the ass right now.

Who started with the relaxing of the banking regulations that finally led to our current mortgage problems? Bill Clinton.

Honestly, compared to George Bush and his corporate cronies, Clinton was a saint. But the reality is, Clinton just had different corporate masters besides the oil industry, that’s all.

FDR was a great rhetorician who inspired, and look what he accomplished. Right now, at this time in our history, a Barack Obama is exactly what we need. He is a new, fresh direction that only can mean good things for us here and abroad — especially in the Middle East where they still don’t recognize women as being equals, and they are more likely to deal with a black man than a white one — just because of race. Crude as that is, that is a reality you have to consider.

The All-Mighty Webmaster
16 years ago

Nothing is ever quite as good as advertised. However, even if O’Bama will be this good Scribe’s point remains. Hard for anyone to have a “new, fresh direction” when trying to wade through the vast quantity of toxic waste-like “new direction” the last administration left: including the appointed to the courts; Reich Wing rabid watchdogs, left to bite anyone in the political and legal ass who even ATTEMPTS to fool with the vile machinery.

I don’t have any illusions that Obama or anyone else is going to have a clear sail without storms and hurricanes. The boat is likely to get swamped a few times and the bilge pumps might fail reducing us to help bail.

But of the three likely choices we have for November — and face it, ONE of these people is going to be our next president — Obama is the most likely to effect a positive change in Washington and the world.

Like it or not, our problems in the Middle East do not disappear when Bush leaves office. They will only be worse than they are right now.

We already know that McCain will throw gasoline on the fire over there. His long and short term strategy is to continue doing the same thing but more of it.

In order to effect ANY peace at all in that region, we have to talk to people over there. Given the Islamic attitude towards women, Hillary is not going to be effective.

16 years ago

Ye Olde Scribe, remember me from the Iwon (now MyWay) bush board?

I am curious. If it’s you, you know NK that I am referring to. Has she posted here recently? There has been such an unbelievable change in her. She is a Clinton supporter and I’m wondering if the Clinton camp is responsible for it. She has posted garbage from many RW sites. I don’t know if she even realizes what’s she’s doing. Because I have defended some of the garbage, including racial, against Obama, she has attacked me unmercifully. It’s is just unbelievable. There is another poster you would know who is doing the same thing. Do you have any idea what is going on?

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