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The prisoner was tortured, tormented, and even decided to stay in jail to be with his men… even though he was given the option to leave by his captors. Was that just an excuse? Was he: like too many prisoners of war, beginning to feel sympathy for his captors? Once upon a time Scribe would have questioned that suggestion, but as of late it seems like maybe the prisoner has been where he is now in life before.

Eventually he left that prison, though it never left him. Eventually he felt the anger, the horror of what had happened to him. He worked his way up to a very important position in society so maybe he might speak for those who had been brutalized like himself.

An evil cabal started their own campaign against the prisoner. They lied about him. They convinced millions that he had cracked under the pressure when he was but a captive. They made sure the bigots, the ignorant, the gullible hated him for a child that was not his; a child he had shown mercy and compassion towards… for to the cabal copmpassion was viewed as weakness: never to be rewarded. They slapped him around again, and again, and again, and again. They beat him down. They humilated him. They thrashed him with their words much like a master whips a slave who dares to show even a smidgen of independence.

If one reads 1984, one understands that Big Brother’s goal is to make sure you become like a robot unto the cause, and that you’re willing to have others tormented as you have been. Then they let you loose: a weapon no longer able to slightly understand that those who you have finally set you “free” are the true enemy: the evil beyond comprehension that must be eliminated. Instead, you become much like the planes that flew into the towers, the bombs that dropped on Hiroshima… just a machine willing to do the master’s bidding.

Thus began the 2008 candidacy of John McCain.

May God, the Great Pumpkin, or whatever; whomever you worship… or not… have mercy on us.

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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RS Janes
15 years ago

Scribe, I’ve watched Big Mac on C-Span, muddling his way through a speech. The man is, as the saying goes, crawling with neurotic tics, just like Captain Queeg — the rapid eye-blinking, the hand-wringing, the inappropriate jokes that often fall flat, the ‘bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran,’ the hunched prowling back and forth as he talks, without making eye contact with his audience.

If you listen closely to what he proposes in his speeches, it’s basically Magical Thinking of the first order: continue to cut taxes for the wealthy — sure, it hasn’t worked yet, but maybe in a couple of decades it’ll all turn out fine! Let’s keep following Bush and Petraeus down the Primrose Path of Failure in Iraq and call it successful, even though every bulletin out of Baghdad says it isn’t. (McCain actually said: “I don’t care what anybody says, the surge is working!” That ‘anybody’ would include the US Intel community and the Iraqis, I’d guess.) He doesn’t like torture, but he signs bills allowing torture. He’s against bailing out homeowners who made a mistake, but has no qualms about using our money to save Bear Stearns and their rich investors. As the months go on, I really want to hear him try to sell this cruel gruel to the voters, even with the media bussing up to his rear end at his Sedona barbeques.

BTW, he also promises to get rid of earmarks without acknowledging what any US Senator should know: the President doesn’t have the power to get rid of earmarks — that’s entirely the province of Congress. He can only veto bills that contain earmarks, which means he’ll be vetoing every piece of legislation that passes his desk, since they all contain earmarks. It might be great to have government at a standstill for awhile, but eventually a budget must be passed so that seniors can get their SS checks and the troops can get VA treatment.

His campaign has been protecting his medical records, openly available in 2000, as if they were the Ark of the Covenant, and he won’t release his tax returns. This leads me to believe there is not only something suspect in his general health, but his taxes may reveal income from unsavory sources. Also, his raging temper tantrums are legendary in Washington. Do we really need a president with a hair-trigger temper?

This adds up to a portrait of an aged shaky neurotic spouting empty GOP platitudes that have led to failure and economic collapse, a possibly seriously ill man not fit to be president, and I think this will become obvious in debate with the Dem candidate, if nature doesn’t intercede first to compel his retirement.

Here’s a question: If McCain is forced to retire from the campaign trail next September, who takes his place as the Republican nominee? Huckabee? Romney?

RS Janes
15 years ago

Did you hear about the Arizona football stadium fiasco? Sen. Straight Talk made sure the funds were available to get the place built (remniscent of the Baseball Bonehead in Arlington, Texas), and then wife Cindy’s company got the exclusive rights to sell beer there which netted her $50 million from Budweiser. A sweet hustle for the McCain family. :em72:

Gee, and he just discovered he was a little ‘late’ in praising Martin Luther King while some poor black sap held an umbrella over the Massah’s head. Why wasn’t the guy wearing pastel-colored livery with gold braid?

I don’t think this goofball has a chance of winning in 2008, but, then, I was wrong in 2000 and 2004. Time to stock up on canned food and gold bars.

RS Janes
15 years ago

Well, what chance does Obama have against McCain, now that it’s been revealed he drinks orange juice in diners (does it mean he thinks O.J. DIDN’T do it?), bowls a 37 (and he’s — sinister alert! — left-handed!), and doesn’t care about the votes of small-town bumpkins who retreat into religious crackpottery (‘You break it, you own it!’) and Smith & Wesson worship when the economy turns sour.

These Rural Rooters obviously want a man who’ll send their kids off to die in the Middle East in endless dumb wars and steal what little they have left to guarantee permanent tax cuts to the Republican Senator from Arizona and his $100 million-dollar wife and their country club pals. Hey, but at least he’s not a lib’rul elitist surrender-vendor like Obama! Proudly wave that American flag that’s made in China until you don’t have a house to wave it from! Damn the Constitution, full speed ahead!

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