Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Written by RC Romine

Lethal Weapon 4

Picture, if you will two groups of evil gremlins. One group is using a wrecking bar to take everything apart and the other is using a blow torch hidden behind a Fox News shield to heat it all up slowly but steadily, melting it all together. Welcome to America 2022. The time that intelligence and common sense forgot. Culture wars and arrogance, righteous ignorance, and blessed stupidity. Every score or slight must be redressed and settled. The center of the common good has been broken and the angry have been loosed upon us. Government is one part disaster and another part deception, the third is paid for incompetence. So when nothing can be agreed upon, all scores must be settled and the rule of the loudest fool is engaged, tell me, what law or policy will fix that? This is the time for something different. Keeping the spirit of the founders, getting rid of the input of the slavers and segregationists, the business supremacists, and the ideological, religious, inbred. Now is that time! Not to enable more of the same but to make a clean break of all of the mistakes we have made in our past. To quit celebrating the ignorant, the stupid, and the wrong.

There are documentaries about World War Two everywhere. Why? Because in part we feel comfortable with it. We won and there is no changing that. Notwithstanding the “Man in the Hightower.” When there is no uncertainty, we feel comfortable with the past, we seek the perfection of when we won, and we were great. We forget the flaws and the tragedy. The past always looks shiny and bright, unless you were there. And you know it was really partly cloudy, at best and it rained a lot because you lived through it. The Cons and Regressives have exploited the myth of the perfect past, the perfection of the white male, and how everybody else is simply throwing a bucket on their wicked witch of their OZ, destroying their perfect world. Just how thick can they spread their bullshit? I lived through it, I know better! That is the why, in their push to control education. The indoctrination of our kids to further their real “Big Lie.”
This is how authoritarians work. Have no doubt that segregation is narcissism-driven authoritarianism. The question is “Why do we have to keep fighting against mental illness and the mistakes of our past.” The Cons and Regressives are extremely skilled at warping the truth, reality to their needs. Sadly, the truth is that no matter what laws we write in the same format we live under now, they will find a way to assume it for their needs. It is time to see them for what they are, our past coming back to haunt us, and move ahead without them. Hoping their children will one day wake up and see the clouds and rain, of their parents.

RC Romine


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