Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Written by Richard Lawrence Adlof

Richard Lawrence Adlof
If a RNCer uses the word “Communist,” you have call them a “fascist sack of drippy excrement who loves to give happy-ending handjobs to an orange spray-painted, septuagenarian toddler” then ask them why they think that giving happy-ending handjobs to orange spray-painted, septuagenarian toddlers is a good thing to do.

Don’t even breathe, then correctly label them as an authoritarian follower and ask them again.

If they say anything else, keep calling them what they are and ask them the handjob question again.

CONservatives are bullies that only respond to utter domination. Their sole framework for response is based upon cruelty. They always punch down. They inflict pain upon everyone to gain control. Know that they only punch down.

If you do not prove immediately that you on top, they will punch you. They understand EVERYTHING through this filter. This is ALL they got.
While they lack the capacity to hear sanity and reason, they will not attempt to gainsay you if and only if you “win” in their minds.

Always remember, NAZIs must be punched and it is always acceptable to punch NAZIs.


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