Sun. May 28th, 2023

Written by Richard Romine

There is a reason that the Cons assault on democracy didn’t begin until after the fall of the Soviet Union. Because that it should well have been considered as treason. Because it is treason! They have played treason like a guitar. They have used the proverbial “Frog in the pot” scenario to slowly take over. To reduce our protections under the law, while they have placed themselves above the law. Created an ideology of superior freedoms for them and replaced real freedom of speech, with that money can buy. Created their own “Brownshirts” through the enabling of armed militias, and the freedom to murder with a justice system weighted in their favor. We are now the United States of white people with money. That patriotism has only a white face and an authoritarian attitude. The Cons and Regressives have fallen out of love with democracy because they don’t win every time. They have fallen in love with authoritarianism because they do.! Or so they think.

But now they fear that real patriotism, the sense of what losing real democracy, real freedoms, and living under authoritarians is really all about. They are afraid the society that they, I repeat they have taken a sledgehammer to, will heal itself enough to stand against them and their assault on truth, logic, ethics, and honesty of intent. In the run-up to this war, they showed themselves for who they really are, Narcissism-based authoritarians, looking to take us back to the time when racism, keeping the poor and women, in their place was accepted. How can they, the Cons and Regressives hate Russia, when that is where they want to take us?
This is the time to reassess what our democracy is worth, what real freedoms are worth, as the Cons and their supporting Regressives, again and again, show us they hate democracy, and love authoritarianism based in traits and who their parents are. The Ukraine War is exactly what they are doing to us, just with Tucker Carlson, state legislatures, and The Koch Network. No tanks yet! And as we see now with Russia, so plainly. Once they feel they can’t lose, they will roll over us like a Russian tank. Are we just going to wait until that happens?
RC Romine

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