Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Ralph Peters is a Stupid Pants-Wetting Idiot

By W.B. Dunne

Ralph Peters is a stupid pants-wetting idiot and I hope he is the first member of the media that is targeted by the military in order to censor his idiocy. The News Pauper has often, in the past, wondered to what extent the types of speech Rush and his ilk engage in could goand here we are.

Fox News, as if there even is such a thing, is providing a platform to a proponent of the idea that shooting the press is the solution to our failures. When is that station going off the air?

Weve all heard about Clear Channels solution to its budget woes so it can pay off Rushs contract; fire everyone. We really are seeing a dying dinosaur. Time Warner and AOL are getting a divorce. The entire newspaper industry is in a collapse. The members of the population that are accustomed to this supply of information are going totally nuts, fed by theories of federal malevolence from crazy commentators and their Hail Mary attempts to pull ratings out of the toilet.

It pleases me to no end to see this.

Next on the list of stuff I want to bring up is the assassination in a church of a pro-choice doctor. Like magic, all of the strife over torture has disappeared and we have taken a time machine back to reargue the abortion issue. The GOP had control over the three branches and didnt touch the issue. A whole new generation of born and bred righties in their twenties pick up the burned out torch for a new legacy of manipulation.

Nothing short of civil war in the streets of America will suffice for the tyrants on the right that see their stranglehold slipping. The News Pauper has said time and again that he expects a descent into anarchy. Too many well-heeled operators prime the pump of violence.

Here we have Randall Terry making overt references to those who would have a beer with him that they might also make him their presidentimmediately after blaming Dr. Tiller for being responsible for his own death. There we have the odious OReilly trying to stop the flow of outrage by insisting that the left will target him by pointing out the truth of the fact that he has advocated the killing of this same individual many times on his program.

Interesting times, indeed.

The News Pauper makes this prediction: each step toward hell the remnants of the right takes, will be answered by some act of god — the very terror they try to elicit will be driven off the front pages by planes falling out of the sky. Oh, wait

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2009 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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Ken Carman
14 years ago

The News Pauper makes this prediction: each step toward hell the remnants of the right takes, will be answered by some act of god

And it will be promptly blamed on the Left. Most Democratic leaders will cringe and say, “OK.”

Did I just channel Bartcop there?

RS Janes
14 years ago

W.B., do you mean a Katrina-like hurricane confined to Limbaugh’s studio or Cheney’s manse?

Actually, the massive blowback on the GOP lately, and their manifest failure to cope with it, almost makes me believe in the retribution of some Supreme Being until I remember what John Stuart Mill wrote:

“Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.”

Whenever stupid people aggregate behind a cause, it’s inevitable, stupid things will result. Failure to recognize reality does not exempt you from suffering the consequences of your ignorance — except drunks and small children — sometimes.

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