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Event: Escambia Bay Homebrew Club meeting
Date: Sunday, August 16, 2009
Start Time: 4:00 pm
End Time: 8:00 pm
Location: TBA
Details: Bring Beer!!!

We are asking for volunteers to work the beer fest on September 11th (Friday Night).
We need about 30 members to work the fest. This is a working event for the members of our club. That doesn’t mean you can’t drink but it does mean the work comes first and the drinking must be in moderation since you will have assigned tasks. The members who donate at least a 5 gallon corny keg of beer get into the festival for free but should help pour their beers at our booth at least part of the time.

We also need about 30 members to work with us to do everything from putting wrist bands on at the door, taking tickets, pouring beers for the microbreweries, passing out ice, passing out sample glasses, working with the various committee chairmen to ensure everything goes smoothly, helping out at the beach olympics, putting the left over beer on the truck at closing, helping the microbreweries get set up…..

If you plan to drink and not work you will need to buy a ticket. ONly those members that sign up will get in free and they will have assigned tasks that they will be expected to perform. This is a big deal for our club and our only money making event. Like the microbrewery folks that work their booth, we get to party on Saturday but need to work on Friday. In the past we have been pretty unorganized with respect to club member participation but this year we plan to get it right.

You can give me your names on Sunday at the club meeting (at Seville4:00pm) or send me an email. Once we get the 30 volunteers we need the rest of you will need to buy a ticket if you want to go to the festival so don’t wait too long to get your name in the hat.

A side note…..The Vip tickets for Friday night allow ticket holders to get into the VIP room at 5:15pm where they will stay until the festival opens at 6:00pm. After that they can wonder the festival or go back to the VIP room. Only VIP ticket holders will be allowed into the VIP room during the entire festival. There will be special beers and food in the VIp room. We are also encouraging all the microwbrewers to mingle with the VIP ticket holders between 5:15 and 6:00pm.

Pat Johnson

The next Escambia Bay Homebrew Club meeting will be held at Seville Next Sunday (July 19th – 3rd Sunday of the month) from 4:00pm til……Bring Beer!!!

We will be asking for those members who wish to volunteer at the beer fest to sign up. Tasks will be assigned sometime in August. No Club Member will get into the beerfest without a ticket unless they are on this list so get your name on it!This is our only source of revenue and holds our membership fee down to the $20 (LOW) level. Obviously you get a hell of a deal for the $20 fee and that is due to the money generated by the beerfest. This is one of the only times the club asks for your help so don’t let us down. There are opportunities for volunteers on Friday the 11th of September and also on Saturday the 12th of September.

Pat Johnson

For those of you that ordered grain but haven’t picked up your grain… me and coordinate a time to pick your grain up.

Pat Johnson

Several of you have placed grain orders. While the grain folks can supply hops too, Stan has found a source that is much cheaper and Stan has had good experience with dealing with them. Consequently, I am asking all members to use them instead of ordering though the grain supplier. If you have a better source or a suggestion/question, feel free to let me know. Other wise check out the link below and order your hops through them.

I plan to place the grain order early next week and have it delivered Monday or Tuesday the following week so get your order in quickly if you haven’t already done so.

Pat Johnson

Message from another club to Escambia…

The First Coast Cup entry window is open and ready to accept your entries.

Question: Any talk of the Florida Homebrew Railroad cranking up to make some FCC Entry drop-offs/Pickups?

CASK has some members that may be able to do some pickups in some of the other Club’s city, just need to see if we can get something lined up.

Any thoughts or commentary?


Marshall Crews
Cowford Ale Sharing Klub (CASK)


From Jason…

After upgrading my stand to 25 gallon pots with sanitary fittings, I have some gear to sell at a great price.

Two 25 Gallon Stainless Steel Heavy duty pots.
They both have 2 couplings welded into them, one for a valve, and one for a thermometer with lids.
$190.00 each or $350.00 for both. 3 piece ball valves not included.

Jason Grills
False Bottom for this is $70.00

By Professor Good Ales

Mythical poster at The LTS Good for What Ales You Beer Journal. Loves good beer. Hates same old, same old. Muses that Bud and Miller might as well be brewed in urinals. Drinks lagers too, if they are complex and interesting.

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