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I’m on the road and at a library right now, so I can’t hear the clip, but it has been played on Hartmann, Malloy and Bill Press. Former CIA guy and Beck agree that America needs to be hit again.

So why is it son tin foiled hat-ish to think Neo Cons may have, in the very least, know something was coming and just let it happen?

LINK to the video

Here’s the blurb from the site…

Beck and Former CIA Employee Agree: U.S. Needs to be Hit by al-Qaeda
Infowars: July 1, 2009

Glenn Beck nods and agrees with his guest Michael Scheuer that the only way to save the US (from illegal immigrants, of course) is for Osama bin Laden to succeed in detonating a weapon on American soil. Scheuer and Beck hit all the conservative buttons, from Mexicans to the mainstream media and the worst of all, Europeans. From the June 30th, 2009 Glenn Beck on Fox News.

By Ken Carman

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RS Janes
14 years ago

Just imagine if, say, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, during Bush’s residency, had said on-air he hoped there was another Al Qaeda attack to derail Bush’s standard defense that he had ‘kept us safe,’ and Keith Olbermann had enthusiastically agreed with him.

The outraged screaming from the righties could have been heard on Pluto, and their friends in the Big Media would have asked every Democrat down to County Supervisor to denounce this loathsome statement. Olbermann would almost certainly have been fired if he didn’t do a down-on-his-knees apology, and possibly even then. Newspapers would have bold headlines that the horrible Dems want another 9/11 terrorist attack for political reasons; magazines would have questioned on their covers why Olbermann hates America so much.

Meanwhile, Beck does it and there’s nary a ripple in the BM. Incredible double-standard from our ‘left-wing’ media.

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