Sun. Jul 14th, 2024


Aug 21, 2022

Written by Richard Lawrence Adlof

The issue is that RNCers have become a haven for the militant inbred Caucasianist movement. They embrace domestic terrorism. They wallow in the venom filled words of stochastic terrorists. Realizing how unpopular their ideology is to the ~70% of sane and reasonable Americans, they flock to fantasies of idealistic violence in the pursuit of a totalitarian paradise designed to inflict imaged privileges for themselves simply because their grandparents had sex in an extremely shallow genepool.

Understand that this paradise is a thing of fairydust.

Other than a tiny cadre of extreme wealth hoarders actually in control of this movement, most of these fanatics are clamoring for eternal thralldom as cogs in an idealized corporate hierarchy. They vocally demand a meritocracy, but secretly wallow in a demented belief that their genetic phenotypes are their sole proof of superior contribution to our society at large.


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