Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

By W.B. Dunne

One of the main things the News Pauper enjoys most about the Obama administration is the way that they seem to espouse some of the policy of the previous administration. This puts the bad guys in a very bad place. The same parties that have been supportive of the folly of the last administration are going to be fighting tooth and nail against those powers in the hands of the new one. He is underscoring in loud tones the hypocrisy of these people, as well as exposing the shortsightedness of the policy.

Keep up the good work, Barack.

This has been quite a year for the News Pauper. Seeing the dreaded Neocons put down like the rabid animals they are was the kicker, and it seems each day brings another humiliation for those responsible for the troubles we find ourselves in today. I love the holy rollers being forced to reckon with the kind of reprobates theyve elected, demonstrated most perfectly by the disappearing act of South Carolinas Mark Sanford. If he resigns as governor, we win. If he does not resign, we win again. Hell be held up as he should be as the epitome of the double standard of justice and the moral bankruptcy of the GOP in general. I love seeing the GOP and the political right wing of our system in this terrible fix, and I look forward every day to what will crop up next in this celebration of decay and retribution.

The resignation of Sarah Palin came a couple of days after I wrote the above two paragraphs. I had the best 4th of July ever knowing that the Republicans were having a fit over what to say about it. The News Pauper predicts that Sarah Palin will not hold another office of significance ever again. Maybe she and Joe the Plumber will delight us with a third party, then well have two mockeries to entertain us as Obama continues his attempts at fixing the mess he inherited from the most disgraceful presidency in our history.

The death of Robert McNamara also made the news this week, along the side of a more renowned death. At 93, he lived with the knowledge that history judged his war a waste of millions of lives. The News Pauper joins in the sentiments of some of the folks who posted comments on various sites around the web that state that if he isnt in hell, the rest of us have little to concern ourselves with. His descendents politically have kept us in wars of choice and bathed in blood for six long years in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention giving us a quasi police state fed by propaganda and paranoia. Contrary to anything Ive said that supports death for treason, I hope that the members of the Bush administration live long and fretful lives chock full of the kind of revelations that Robert mustve had.

The American press is like a game of Three-Card Monte.

Karl Rove is a liar and his deposition means nothing. History will revenge itself on this cruddy little man. Live by the turd, die by the turd.

Thank you, dear reader.

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Val Leventhal
14 years ago

Hi, W.B. Nicely said, nicely said. And, BTW, very well-written. Speaking as a fellow wordsmith, keep ’em coming. (This comment is from Val, but I agree. RSJ.)

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